Economic Update Q4 2021

The fourth quarter of 2021 saw healthy economic expansion despite hiccups caused by the Omicron variant of COVID-19 late in the quarter. Positive trends continued in commercial real estate, while building and buying are expected to persevere through historically slow winter months. Read on to learn more.

What You Need to Know Before Building a Home

Are you considering a custom-built home? If so, you’re not alone. The pandemic has changed the way we live, especially when it comes to our homes. Find out what factors to consider before you start the journey.

7 Reasons Homeowners Need Title Insurance

Title insurance is vital for homeowners’ financial security. Here are seven reasons to purchase title insurance, so you can properly protect your property.

Tis' the Season to be Hacked

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, especially cybercriminals. Learn about the latest phishing schemes and how to protect your hard-earned funds.

Home Modifications for Seniors and People with Disabilities

Maintaining mobility is critical in making sure seniors and people with disabilities have a successful, independent life at home. Taking the time to consider what modifications will create a functional and safe home is an important task that can also save you time and money.

13 Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Winter is right around the corner! Keep your home safe, prevent unnecessary repairs and save money on heating costs with these 13 tips for winterizing your home.

Mass Migration Across the U.S. Continues

Nearly two years into the pandemic, many Americans are still migrating. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at where people are going and why.

Top 5 Cybersecurity Threats to Your Business

Cyber attacks are a growing issue for businesses everywhere. Learn what the top cybersecurity risks to your business are and how to protect yourself in this blog.

Economic Update Q3 2021

Despite challenges posed by the Delta variant and extreme weather, business spending and a rebounding commercial sector pushed the economy forward. Learn more in our Q3 2021 Economic Update.

Preventing Home Loss as CARES Act Protections Expire

The federal foreclosure moratorium has come to an end, but homeowners still have options to help prevent home loss. Learn more in this blog from Old Republic Title.

Important Things to Consider About Property Taxes

If you’re considering purchasing a home, there’s some important things to consider about property taxes before you make a move.

REALTOR® Safety Tips

Safety should be your top priority when working in the field. Learn how real estate professionals can help protect themselves with these REALTOR® Safety Tips.

Homeowners Insurance vs. Title Insurance

What is the difference between homeowners insurance and title insurance? And why do you need both? Learn the answers to these questions and more here.

New Insights into Manufactured Home Financing

Manufactured housing is an important affordable housing option for low-income families. However, the CFPB reveals this cost-effective option may be accompanied by unintended financial burdens.

Economic Update Q2 2021

The economic recovery in the second quarter was surprisingly spry, reflecting the reopening of businesses and spending by an increasingly vaccinated public. Read more about it in our Q2 2021 Economic Update.

Home Maintenance to Keep You Safe

Protect your home from damage and keep your family safe with these safe home maintenance tips.

What Closing Costs Are Required?

Closing costs can add thousands of dollars to your real estate transaction on top of the down payment, so it’s important to understand what you could be required to pay and plan accordingly.

Home Appraisal FAQs

If you plan on purchasing a home with a mortgage loan or refinancing an existing loan, the lender may require a home appraisal. Check out Old Republic Title’s Home Appraisal FAQs for answers to some of the most common questions.

How Efforts to Decriminalize Marijuana in the U.S. Could Impact the Title Industry

Marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, posing risks for title professionals handling state-legal marijuana-related transactions. See how that could change.

10 Tips for a More Sustainable Home

Creating a sustainable lifestyle starts at home. Check out our top 10 tips for a more sustainable home to get started on your new sustainability plan.

Economic Update Q1 2021

The economy in the first quarter of the year was stronger than expected, although progress was uneven. Read more about it in our Q1 2021 Economic Update.

13 DIY Staging Tips for Home Sellers

Staging your home can be one of the best ways to help it sell quickly. Read our tips for staging your home to impress buyers here.

Mortgage Relief Options During the Pandemic

Millions of Americans are currently behind on their mortgage payments, but that doesn't need to mean foreclosure. Learn about the mortgage relief options currently available here.

Economic Update: Q4 2020

See our economic update for Q4 2020 to find out how all things housing are expected to continue to propel the economy.

A Look at Emerging Technologies in Commercial Real Estate

Evolving technology in Commercial Real Estate may be the next big thing in creating a better environment for employees and customers. Learn more here.

6 Ways to Protect Your Holiday Packages

With online shopping on the rise, porch pirates are lifting packages from our doorsteps more than ever. See how you can stop these thieves in their tracks.

3 Things We Know About COVID-19 Migration So Far

Since the start of COVID-19, we've heard stories of urban residents looking to move out of the city. Did COVID really spark a mass exodus? Here's what we know.

Economic Update: Q3 2020

Old Republic Title provides an economic update for 3Q 2020, which reflects cautious optimism as we head into 2021.

10 Cybersecurity Tips for Working from Home

Keeping data secure when you're working from home is just as important as when you're in the office. Learn more about how to stay safe with these 10 tips.

COVID-19’s Effect on Real Estate

COVID-19 has created a year of disruption, but out of that has come growth and innovation. To focus more on some good news, we're highlighting some of the recent silver linings in real estate.

Do You Have a Home Evacuation Plan?

An organized evacuation plan can help keep you and your family safe from natural disasters and other catastrophic events. Here's what to consider when making your plan.

Opportunity Zones During Economic Uncertainty

The Opportunity Zone Tax Incentive provides investors a vehicle for long-term private investment of capital gains in distressed communities. Read on for our update on the program.

Consumer Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic may be leaving your finances vulnerable. Learn more here about what you can do to protect your finances right now.

COVID-19 and Wire Fraud

Your real estate transaction may be vulnerable to cyber criminals during the COVID-19 pandemic. Old Republic Title offers three simple steps you can take to protect your funds from wire fraud.

8 Common Misconceptions About Title Insurance

Have you heard that you shouldn't bother with title insurance when buying your new home? Here are 8 misconceptions you may have about title insurance and why it's vital to protecting your home.

America’s Affordable Housing Crisis

Affordable housing is getting harder to find in America, particularly since the Great Recession. We break down some of the reasons driving a nationwide lack of affordability here.

Smart Homes and Security Vulnerabilities

Smart homes make life easier, but their convenience comes at a cost. Connecting these devices to the internet can expose security vulnerabilities. Learn how to stay safe from common pitfalls here.

Suspect Real Estate Wire Fraud? Act Fast!

If you are a real estate customer and complied with a request to change wiring instructions, you could be a victim of wire fraud and need to act fast to get your money back.

Best Practices for Preventing Real Estate Wire Fraud

In the digital age, wiring large sums of money to purchase property has become commonplace, but so have attempts to steal those funds – and they’re getting very deceptive. Learn how to protect yourself.

Securing Your Smartphone

Your phone does more than just make calls now, it's probably home to some of your most sensitive data. Learn what you can do to better secure your smartphone and protect your information.

Are iBuyers Worth the Cost?

Getting an instant cash offer for your home without having to put time into repairs, staging and showing sounds great. But working with iBuyers may cost more than you think.

New Strategies for Courting Customers in the Digital Age

Technology has changed the global marketplace and Lenders hoping to win customer loyalty can learn valuable lessons from customer relationship experts.

Is Title Insurance Really Worth the Cost? - Part 2: The Gamble

How could someone else legally have the right to the house you just bought? It turns out, choosing not to purchase an Owner's Policy of Title Insurance was a larger gamble than you thought.

Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Another great way to protect your home is with scheduled seasonal maintenance. Learn what you can do to help maintain your home.

New Reasons to Explore Blockchain Technology

Advances in technology are paving the way to blockchain adoption in the mortgage industry. Learn more here about why blockchain technology may be worth further exploration.

“Location, Location, Location” in a New Real Estate Climate

Extreme weather events in the U.S. have brought costly damage to real estate. So much so, that Real Estate Investment Trusts are beginning to evaluate how much location matters regarding climate risks.

Marijuana and the Title Industry

With states across the U.S legalizing marijuana at some level, the financial and insurance industries are caught between federal and state laws. With so many associated risks, where is the title industry on this topic?

Investing in Distressed Communities Through Opportunity Zones

The Opportunity Zone Tax Incentive provides investors a vehicle for long-term private investment of capital gains in distressed communities. Learn more about the program here.

A Guide to Your Pre-Move Purge

If you’re preparing to move, now may be the time for that big purge of items. Here's a quick guide to decluttering for your move.

Resources for Homebuyers in a Hot Market

It's getting more expensive to buy a house, but home ownership doesn't have to stay out of reach. Learn about resources buyers can use to qualify for a loan, lower mortgage costs and more.

Why Did Disruption Happen Faster in 2018?

Disruption has been growing in real estate industries for years, but not at the rate we saw in 2018. Why is it happening so fast now?

Stop. Call. Verify.

Stop. Call. Verify: The Wire Fraud Drill

Protect your real estate transaction from wire fraud by running though the three simple steps of Old Republic Title's Wire Fraud Drill.

Is Title Insurance Really Worth the Cost?

If you’re tempted to cut homebuying costs by declining an owner’s policy of title insurance, you may want to reconsider. Opting out could cost much more than you think.

FinTech: New Solutions for the Mortgage Industry in the Digital Age

Consumers are looking to the mortgage industry to go digital, while financial institutions want to maximize efficiencies. FinTech can do both - and implementing these technologies may soon get easier.

12 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Floods and Insurance

Floods are the most common and costly natural disaster, but what will insurance cover? Learn more about other ways you can protect your home.

When Wire Fraud Calls

When wire fraud calls, will you recognize it? You can prevent wire fraud by making sure each party uses verified phone numbers throughout the transaction.

Selling with a Solar Agreement

Solar agreements are creating new challenges at closing, but real estate professionals can help their clients navigate with these 5 tips for selling homes with a solar agreement.

Old Republic Title Invests in Title Agent Success

Investing in the success of our title agents is a key component to Old Republic Title's continued financial strength. Learn how we work towards Shared Success.

Building Blockchain into Real Estate

Could blockchain change the face of real estate transactions? Old Republic Title explains this technology and what's blocking it from industry overhaul.

Closing Time: 6 Steps Every Homebuyer Should Expect

There's a lot of steps that go into the home closing process. Learn what to expect and where you fit in to a smooth closing.

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No, it's an Underwriter!

Old Republic Title's local underwriters can be your everyday heroes ready to serve your needs.

Use of Foreign Notaries

Keep settlements on track by making sure real estate documents are properly notarized - especially when they're coming from a foreign country.

Remote Notarizations Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

Signatures notarized via webcam are making inroads in two U.S. states, but this digital trend isn't quite ready for national rollout. Learn more about how remote notarization could invalidate mortgages and other documents.

Tribal Sovereign Immunity

A recent case decided by the state of Washington's Supreme Court muddies the waters regarding the applicability of tribal sovereign immunity claims in in rem actions, that is actions directly against the property rather than actions against a person.

The FAQs of Title Insurance For Homebuyers

For most of us, a home is the largest investment we'll make in our lives. To buy with confidence, get owner's title insurance. It's the smart way to protect your property from legal claims. To help you understand how owner's title insurance works, here are answers to common questions.

What Every REALTOR® Should Know About Owner's Title Insurance

As an important advisor to your clients, you are in the position to help them understand the value of owner's title insurance.

Moving? Plan Now with a Printable Checklist

Need a hand planning ahead and staying organized along the way? Old Republic Title's here to help with a handy Moving Checklist you can print and use well before the big day.

If Hallways Could Speak

There is a lot being written about cybersecurity and its impact on the real estate industry. Recently, at a national industry conference, the hallways were buzzing with stories about fraud schemes. One story, in particular, made everyone stop and think: "What would I do?"...

Title Agents Beware of Fakes, Phonies and Forgeries

Old Republic Title is here to help title agents learn to spot fraudulent schemes in real estate, title and property transfers.

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